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A number of measures concerning search and rescue (SAR) operations and disembarkations following those operations have been incorporated in the “new pact on asylum and migration” (hereafter pact) adopted by the European Commission on 23 September 2020. This has not happened by chance: as is well known, SAR operations in the Mediterranean Sea have been a key theme and a reason of legal and political disputes between EU Member States and the EU Institutions in recent years. Mediterranean coastal States have demanded solidarity, both in carrying out SAR operations and in relocating rescued people.

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diritto dell'Unione europea

François-Xavier Millet is Professor of Public Law at the University of the French West Indies (CAGI-CRPLC Guadeloupe; IRDEIC Toulouse)   Are there several categories of French citizens, namely those who got citizenship by birth and those who acquired it later? In other words, are there first-class citizens, enjoying all the

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